Start here. This will be your dogs first visit. We ask you to arrive before 11:00am and to give us a call 15 minutes before your arrival so we can have all the dogs ready to meet your dog.  We operate in a house, normally dogs are everywhere with new pups we like to have the house calm and empty- We do not let visitors meet any dogs in our care. Trial days are offered Monday-Friday only. We can not always do tours- Please call to schedule a tour in advance to booking a trial day.
We offer no kennel boarding, your pet will stay with other dogs separated by size and/or temperaments overnight. We have couches and comfy beds for your pup to sleep on. During the days your dog will be with all other daycare dogs and boarders for social play. You are welcome to bring beds, toys or anything else for your pups stay. We require all dogs to provide their own food. All dogs must pass a trial day. 
Full day of social play with other dogs! We do not follow a schedule or have a nap time dogs are welcome to play or rest as much as they choose. All dogs must pass a trial day.